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exports. taiwan has more trade with the mainland than it has with the united states. korea also has more exports to china. these countries have major interest in maintaining decent relations with china so that they can benefit from china's rapid economic growth. you cannot reduce this to a simple question of china is getting stronger and that conflict with china is inevitable. none of the countries around china wants to be in conflict with or contain china. they want china to develop as a country that does not pose a threat. >> are we in error of trying to make china more like the united states? >> we are in error if we think we can make china something at all. we've given enormous opportunities to chinese students, who learned english, get higher education, in some cases stay on and work in our business community, and gain the skills of modern corporate society, and then go back to china. they understand what makes us tick. they don't think our political system or economic system can simply be transferred to china piecemeal. but they see that we have a free press and the role it plays,
. are you watching us from taiwan, that's about 30 minutes away now. according to our times here, the philippines getting in on it at 10:00 gmt, marshall islands at 10:20 gmt. as the waves approach the island, if folks are on ground we're going to try to make contact to find out what's going on there. folks, keep in mind, some of these islands here are so tiny and so close to sea level that if you're talking about a wave, a wall of water that is 25-foot-plus high, you can encompass the entire island here. that's what we're talking about. indonesia arrival time at 11:00 gmt. again, we're going to continue to track this for the next 24 hours just like we did with the chilling earthquake. solomon islands at 12:28. kiribati down in the south at 12:37 gmt. what we cannot do -- here's what everybody wants to know. if you live in some of these countries, how high is the water going to be? we cannot forecast that because the bithometry is so different, the irregularity is so different that literally in the same country we could have the arrival of a 5-foot wave and a few kilometers away
that far. closer to home but somewhere to the south is tie pais. the capital of taiwan, and that is where cindy is at the moment. you are preparing for the tsunami to reach you when? >> well, the tsunami is supposed to have already hit in some of these coastal areas in taiwan, about 30 minutes ago and 15 minutes ago in the biggest port. but so far, they have noticed no unusual situation. in some places they measured a wave of only 10 centimeters high. so right now they are saying no unusual sea wave situation. so i asked them, taiwan being so close to japan, why is this the case? they said it's like something dropping into a tub of water. it can splash any which way. but it depends on the sea bed. the geology of the sea bed could make the waves higher than in other areas. so taiwan seems to be protected. it's a little bit tucked in from the mainland of china. so, so far there have been some voluntary evacuations. >> you mentioned evacuations. there was a scale of moving people away from the coast? >> well, this shows the authorities are not expecting a disasterous situation. they have not
minister to questions on several issues including how u.s.-china relations are affected by taiwan and restrictions on foreign journalists working in china. this half-hour portion as courtesy of china's central television. the english translation follows the chinese. >> i have two questions. last year we saw some china and u.s. relations in particular because of the u.s. arms sales to taiwan. it caused strains on the china u.s. ties. how do you see the future of this financial relationship? what will be the reaction from the chinese side of the united states further sells weapons to taiwan? second, foreign journalists encountered some difficulties and restrictions in their reporting activities in china in the past weeks. some foreign journalists or even be ten. what is your comment? >> [speaking chinese] >> translator: first i would like to say that we all know president hu jintao paid a visit to the united states of the invitation of president barack obama last january. that visit achieved full success. an important agreement was reached between the leaders of the two countries an
lanka has also offered assistance. this team of taiwan -- from taiwan. taiwan has also been asked to send clothing, generators and food. with japan facing its worst crisis since the second world war, more teams are on standby. helen forks, bbc news. >> this is "bbc world news." the headlines for you. a second explosion at the fukushima nuclear power plant injuries 11 people. with 10's of thousands of people still missing with many remote villages cutoff. >> of course we have been hearing about the huge international relief efforts in japan. the united states and the united kingdom and taiwan have all sent search and rescue teams to the worst-affected areas. india and pakistan also pledging to help. american teams arriving in japan are now helping with the search for survivors. jane reports from washington. >> the magnitude of this daft ser still hard to grass -- disaster is still hard to grasp. tens of thousands of people still missing and thousands more without heat. japan said it needs all the help it can get, and an international relief effort is already underway. with roads de
, russia, guam, wake island and taiwan. the pacific tsunami warning has extended the area for tsunami warnings may strike. obviously the tsunami has already struck these areas. some of the cars there plunging into the water. the tsunami affecting the prefecture just about a few hundred kilometers north of tokyo. for our viewers that are just tuning in, this is a warning out for indonesia, hawaii, australia, new zealand, mexico, chile, peru, russia, the north marianas, guam, taiwan. first tsunamis of course not necessarily the largest. the sea draws back, a tsunami can hit the coast at a rapid speed. obviously of what is happening to many cities in northern japan. i spoke to an expert earlier this week when a tsunami does hit. do not climb in the cars. move by foot. move by foot to higher ground as soon as possible. this is not just a japan story anymore. we're talking about tsunamis. possibly hitting indonesia, hawaii, australia, new zealand, pacific coast including mexico, chile and peru. once again, that inferno going pretty much out of control in chiba prefecture. the firefighters
coastal areas of russia, marcus island, northern marianas, guam, wake island and taiwan, please do not go near the waters. move to higher ground as soon as possible. you're watching nhk world and a major earthquake hit japan friday afternoon. this happened about an hour and 15, 20 minutes ago. japan's meteorological agency says the earthquake measured 8.4. the agency issued a tsunami warning for japan's pacific cost. in northern japan tsunami waves of up to 4 meters were observed soon after the quake. the agency is warning the tsunami could be between 6 and 10 meters. you're seeing some of the tsunami damage so far in miyagi prefecture in the sendai area where some of the homes and farms have been flooded when the tsunami went upstream a river. according to the transport ministry, the international airport has reopened two of its four runways. international airport has reopened two of its four runways. they had earlier closed all. they have reopened two of its four runways. the japan road traffic information center, japan road information center, and police say express ways around
, the marques islands and a tsunami watch in guam, taiwan, the philippines, indonesia and hawaii. we are told by japan's nhk that the small -- that a small tsunami has hit the shores near the epicenter around 3:00 p.m. their time. japan's weather agency warning that the tsunami could be as high as 20 feet in some places. and that could strike near miiagi. and that is closest to the epicenter of where this hit. the agency is say that this quake struck about 2:46 friday. and that it struck at a depth of 6 mile, about 80 miles off the eastern coast. this was an offshore earthquake. again, we are getting more as we are speaking to you right now. if you are just joining us, japan issuing its top tsunami warning after this major off-shore earthquake, measuring 7.9. it hit on friday. and it shook buildings in tokyo, sending people -- we are told -- running into the streets. that's a report coming out of tokyo. smoke was seen rise from this capitol, according to tv reports and we just showed that you a second ago. can we show that again? if we have it? okay, don't have that. but we will bring that to
because they are closer to the epicenter where the tsunami was generated. then a watch for taiwan, marshall islands, midway islands, papuan in guinea, and hawaii. if you have interest, they are now under a tsunami watch. pay close attention to what kind of wave heights we will be talking about when and if the tsunami a rise in those other countries. >> you mentioned the buoys, what we're talking about there. can we go back to this discussion about the death of this earthquake, only being 24 kilometers. tell us exactly why that causes concern. >> it causes concern, think about what we have been saying over the last couple of years. if this had hit an air anywhere in japan, we would be watching a major catastrophic event ongoing as far as buildings. there will be damage is you can see there, some buildings on fire. we will have damaged. 87.9 underneath the population center, that would be catastrophic in the casualties would be quite high. this did not happen under a city center. this happened in the water. close to the shore, 150 kilometers is not that far. thankfully one good thin
for russia, marcus island, northern marianas, guam, wake island and taiwan. the pacific tsunami warning center has issued a tsunami warning not just for japan, where a tsunami has already struck. you can see some of the damage so far in miyagi prefecture in the sendai area but also for russia, marcus island, the northern mariana, guam, wake island and taiwan. for those just tuning in and living anywhere close to the coastal areas of russia, marcus island, northern marianas, guam, wake island and taiwan, please do not go near the waters. move to higher ground as soon as possible. you're watching nhk world and a major earthquake hit japan friday afternoon. this happened about an hour and 15, 20 minutes ago. japan's meteorological agency says the earthquake measured magnitude 8.4. the agency issued a tsunami warning. for japan's pacific coast. in northern japan tsunami waves were measured of up to 4 meters were observed soon after the quake. the agency is warning the tsunami could be between 6 and 10 meters. you're seeing some of the tsunami damage so far in miyagi prefecture in the sendai
to taiwan where your media operations are doing well well. my question to you is this. having done business in hong kong, trying to do business in china. >> right. >> how do you find the climate in taiwan both from a political perspective and a business regulatory perspective? thank you. >> i think taiwan is very interesting. they still like to control the media. but at the end of the day, it has the rule of law. what is interesting for taiwan as a media is it's going to open up, because if there is a next renaissance of the chinese culture, taiwan will be the center of it, just because of its freedom for creation. >> what's the best advice you've ever received? >> you always think about losing when you win and think about winning when you lose. >> what's your biggest mistake? >> i've made so many mistakes. the biggest mistake definitely was online, i lost a billion dollar. that was during the dotcom crazy time. i became one of the crazy people and believe in the -- instead of profit. >> what would you be doing if you were not ceo of this company? >> i may be a writer. i don't know. i defin
, not just for japan but also for russia, mar ques island, game, wake island and taiwan. the pacific tsunami warning center has issued a tsunami warning not just for japan where a tsunami has already struck. you can see some of the damage so far in northern japan but also for russia, mar-q unez, game, wake island and taiwan. for those of you just tuning in and living anywhere close to the coastal areas of russia, marquez, wake, game, taiwan, please, do not go near the waters. move to higher ground as soon as possible. you're watching nhk world. a major quake hit friday afternoon. this happened an hour and 20 minutes ago. jch's meteorological agency says it was 8.4 magnitude. they've issued a tsunami warning for japan's pacific coast. in northern japan, waves up to four meters were observed soon after the quake. the agency is warning that the tsunami could be between six and ten meters. you're seeing some of the tsunami damage so far in miyagi prefecture in the area where the home and farms have been flooded. with the tsunami went upstream the river. according to the transport ministry, the a
into taiwan. the levels -- exported into taiwan. they say the levels are not high enough to cause physical injury ordaininger. >>> a terrible accident leaves a community in disbelief after a 4-year-old boy shot himself in the face. this morning police will hold a press conference regarding his death. sherrie johnson is live with more. >> reporter: baltimore city police are trying to figure out how this horrible accident could have happened. the press conference starts at 11:30 here at baltimore city police headquarters. hopefully we will find out more on the shooting. police want to know who that gun belonged to and how the 4- year-old child got ahold of it. it all happened on sunday morning in the 3600 block of fernhill avenue in northwest baltimore. police arrived on the scene, and detective say tyeshawn townsend shot himself in the face. police have not said the type of gun it was and if it's registered. >> it appears that the child may have found a gun inside the home. at some point the gun went off. i can tell you a gun has been recovered by detectives. >> reporter: once again, that n
to be screened for radiation. more than 20 people flying from japan to taiwan were found to have mild radiation contamination. taiwan had mandated radiation screening for passengers coming from japan. there were -- they were watching radiation levels. the taiwanese government said there is no direct threat to the country. >> the disaster is creating a ripple effect through the global economy and there is great concern it could affect cars made in japan and reduce the number of supplies body shops are receiving. >> whether it is nissan, toyota, or honda, the story is similar for japanese car dealers. >> right now there is a good availability. it is the production from 90 days and beyond that is the big question. >> since the tsunami, many factories have shut down production for at least next week. hybrid models are made in japan and the salesmen here learned the plant that makes the scion was wiped out. >> it will get to the point where we have to order them. >> the majority are made at u.s. plants. >> everybody still has questions about how and japan -- how japan will impact the american market
evacuation orders for the coastal area. >> tsunami watch issued for several nations concluding taiwan, russia, philippines and in the indonesian. it covers hawaii and the u.s. territory of guam. >> now large ship has rammed directly into a break water. quake rocked the tv newsroom in northern japan. look what happened here. everything swa swayed and falls. >> shaking forced officials to shut down japan famed bullet train system and tokyo subway to be checked for damages. this hit in the middle of the afternoon and already friday in japan. >> fire broke out throughout tokyo. 240 miles from the quake epi-center. people streamed out of high-rise to seek safety in the street. >> both major airport in tokyo closed their runway and several nuclear power plants have been shut down as well. >> the quake realitiesed japan parliament as legislators met in toke yochlt several after shock followed the quake including one measuring 7. 4. that was an after shock. 30 minutes after the quake tall buildings were still swaying in tokyo. >> joining us live is dr. robert hammer with uc berkeley size mete
from germany, switzerland, hugary and taiwan brought tons of high-tech equipment with them. they also brought rescue dogssto help in the search for survivors. the u-s ilitary is sending helicopters to the devastated area with food, water and medical suppliees energy experts are working around the clock to avert anotter potential disaster in japan.explosions badly damaged nuclear reactors, releaaing a small amount of radiation into the air. theejapanese government ordered an evacuatiin of the area as a precaution.they say the amount of radiationnreleased does not pose any serious threat, but were tested for exposure. and back here at home, energy pfficials says two nuclear reactors in southern maryland would be safe if an earthquake wwre ever to hit maryland. officials from the nuclear regulatory commission say all u-s nuclear power plants are built to withstaad earthquakes and tsuanmi's.constellation energy nuclear group operates phe reactors at calverttcliffs. califoonia's coastal towns are cleaning up... after tsunami came crashing's estimated the waves... triggered by
of in the same rel him to diffuse the depositions also, you know, with south china sea, the taiwan strait, is that kind of the same angle that you're taking with that or is that a totally different game? >> i'm not entirely -- the real building partner capacity part of this i think is a different sense, of course, when we interact with the chinese there's a different interaction we interact with our allies and partners. >> i was just curious about how you're -- we know there's a lot of tension there specific in the street and that type of thing and how we're dealing with that moving forward. >> and i think again and mr. schiffer may want to comment but i think the importance of the interaction military-to-military with the chinese and the nature of that appears to be episodic at best. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i yield back. thank you, mr. runyan. and now mr. courtney. >> thank you, mr. chairman. actually to follow up on mr. runyan's question. there was the sinking of the ship and again, there was exhaustive forensic investigation that was inescapable. that it was a completely unprovoked
but if they believe that they think they can push harder when they when we gave arms to taiwan sold arms to taiwan, the chinese reacted much more strongly than in the past. they broke off military-to-military contacts and when they were asked why they said "because we're strong now" because the question is why didn't you object so much in the past and you're objecting now. if they have that feeling that we're going down, they're going up. they can lead to miscalculation in fact, chinese foreign policy has had a bad year or so. they've antagonized the u.s., they've antagonized india, they've antagonized japan, they've antagonized vietnam. >> rose: right. >> so this hubris is not good for china. >> rose: and it causes people to reach out and say "what kind of relationships and alliance cans i form"? >> exactly. what we're definitely seeing in the 21st century is the rise of asia, but it could be called the recovery of asia. in 1800, asia was basically half the world's population, half the world's product. by 1900 still half the world's population, 20% of the world's product. in this century we're go
in taiwan that no tsunamis have been seen there. they expected if there was going to be any waves to hit taiwan by about now and also perhaps indonesia within the next hour or so. southeast asia is on high alert for the tsunami but so far in taiwan there hasn't been any, which is fortunate. >> the last tsunami, you lived through it, you covered it for us, 250,000 people lost their lives. we didn't know for a long time, even that number, they weren't nearly as developed a nation as japan. should our listeners and viewers now that the people of skwraepd are better prepared for -- people of japan are better prepared for it? >> i lived in japan and they are better prepared for it, earthquakes in particular. tsunamis are another thing. it doesn't matter if you are that prepared. there are early warning systems in japan. there are some in thaoeup land and indonesia but it depend where the tsunami, how quickly it hits the coastline. in sumatra when over 100,000 people died, it hit within 30 minutes. in japan it seems they had a warning between one and two hours. perhaps a lot of people may have
to denounce the development of nuclear power there. and in taiwan, they gathered in front of one of the top administration buildings to call on the government to top building a fourth nuclear power plant. >>> let's talk about haiti, the former exiled president of haiti is headed back home. the first democratic president has been in south africa since he was ousted in 2004. his return to his country comes just before haiti's runoff presidential election this weekend. it remains to be seen what such an influential figure will have on the vote, that's why the u.s. is watching very very closely as is other countries. they want haiti to continue to be stable. he took over after baby doc duvalier fled hatety. >>> the big event now, the weather on its way. jeff ranieri joins us. >> we're tracking the system as we head into tomorrow, and also another one for this upcoming weekend. it is st. patrick's day. we have a little bit of radar happening now. spotty showers offshore, sign of that upper level area in the atmosphere, getting a little moistened up out ahead of this storm system. we're under a h
.s. decision to sell weapons to taiwan. through talk and maybe a little pressure, the obama administration is aiming to encourage china to play a constructive role in asia. >> thanks. nhk world's junko noda. junko told us a couple of minutes about a chinese trawler getting into trouble in japanese waters. the same thing just happened in south korean waters and it's not the first time. south korean coast guard officials shot a crewman as they tried to board a trawler that was suspected of illegal fishing in the yellow sea. the coast guard says it happened on thursday when seven chinese fishing boats were spotted operating illegally in south korea's exclusive economic zone in the yellow sea. coast guard officials say two chinese boats rammed into one of the patrol vessels as its officers attempted to board one of the boats. in the ensuing fight, one chinese man was shot in the leg. a south korean officer was beaten with a hammer. in december a chinese crewman died and another went missing after a south korean coast guard vessel collided with chinese fishing boat operating illegally in south
in mississippi or taiwan. this helps people with the basic isolation, feeling like they are a part of the new world. we are also doing a lot with social media, with the ties programs that organizes a social network around an individual that needs support. that is one of the programs that we are going to be working more to develop that already exists in the city. as well, introducing people to different kinds of social media. we are really working at what we call teaching to function. we are going to be doing a couple thousand hours of training. the metrics we are tracking is the number of classes, the numbers of hours, the number of people, how many hours per person. all of these things are the things that we will be reporting back to the federal government and also will be indicators of people's adoption and their use and interest. it is a flexible program. people will be able to do any range of training, depending on their particular capability and interests are. in supportive housing, they will be focusing on supportive employment, ways that people can use computers to be able to get back
.s.a., japan, taiwan, korea, china, new zealand -- they typically work in their own national units. where possible we have tried but teams and in areas where they can focus on places we know some of their countrymen are liable to be located. they work on a shift roster. they do 30 minutes on, 30 minutes all. they rotate. they're the most amazing, dedicated people. they have reduced risk to a minimum. risk that would be beyond anything we would normally accept in our lives. and they have focused on one thing -- with great optimism and a degree of hope he reads from the beginning -- and they still have that now. they still think light of the book may be somewhere." and that is the way they work. >> the latest headlines for you this hour. the libyan air force claims they are launching a new attack and in eastern libya. gaddafi is being investigated for possible crimes against humanity. president obama is sending aircraft to aid refugees fleeing libya peary had hundreds more -- fleeing libya. hundreds more have fled suit and an italian island. 600 have arrived. yet from our europe corresponde
sparked a huge international rescue operation. the united kingdom and taiwan have sent search and rescue teams to the worst affected areas. india, pakistan, and the united states also pledged help. as jane online reports from washington. >> the magnitude of this disaster is still hard to grasp. tens of thousands of people are dead or missing and many, many more are without shelter, food, or heat. japan says it needs all the help it can get. and an international relief effort is already under way. with roads destroyed, much will depend on ships and aircraft to reach the most affected region. helicopters are flying in aid from the u.s. as ronald reagan, which joined dozens of japanese vessels and will be a base to deliver supplies to camps in the stricken areas. other american warships are on the way or standing by. at the request of the japanese government, seasons and rescue teams from california and virginia arrived on sunday with tracker dogs to help search for survivors. their last international deployment was a year ago in the aftermath of the haiti earthquake. the 75-person unit con
. a flight of u.s. citizens arrived in taiwan yesterday. airports in japan are packed with people trying to get out, fearing the spread of radiation. hundreds of americans are stranded in sendai. charter buses have been sent there to bring them to tokyo. and 20,000 family members of u.s. troops stationed in japan are also being offered evacuation free of charge. >>> as radiation fears spread, president obama is trying to assure the american people. a forecast indicates how weather patterns could disperse the radiation from japan. while the forecast does not show actual radiation levels, it shows the plume moving to the california coast late today. experts say it will be diluted and worst case scenario, have extremely minor consequences in the u.s. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska, or u.s. territories in the pacific. that is the judgment of our nuclear regulatory commission, and many other experts. >> the president also said health officials do not recommend that people in the u.s. take precautionary measures like potassium iodide pil
samples from a company in taiwan and then decided to place an order. as soon as the long-awaited 3 million caps arrive next week the beveragemaker will resume full operations. >> translator: it's a tough situation. we know that people in quake-stricken areas are facing water shortages. we'll do our best in resuming operations so that we can supply water to them. >>> here's a recap of the latest market figures. that's all in business news. >>> hi. welcome to your weather update. we're taking a look at the weather in japan and it's going to be split in half, the southern half looking at lots of sunshine and another warm day for the most part, but in the north, a little bit more unsettled for you. we're looking at changeable weather throughout the day. already this morning hearing of thunderstorms across the northwestern flank and that's going to spread further into the rest of northern japan, so tohoku area, into the kanto region all looking at a pretty unsettled day today. we're also looking at thunderstorm advisories in effect for a large part of this area thursday, into thursday afternoon
tsunami warning. it is in effect for japan, russia, we are talking about taiwan, guam, indonesian, hawaii is included. jaws slew of countries. nuss. el salvador. costa rica a-chile, sea levels readings are confirm ago tsunami has been generated. it's a series of waves. first wave may not be the largest in between one wave to the next it could vary from 5 minutes to about an hour. and of course the threat can last for hours. once again hawaii is under a tsunami warning now. this excludes california, oregon, bc and washington. we are not under a watch or warning but certainly all the other areas surrounding the pacific ocean and nearby sea under a tsunami warning. >> sandy this can obviously change too as this progresses we'll know more so we need to be aware of that right. >> absolutely. the threat can last for hours. screws because tsunami has been generated doesn't mean it gets there right away. the largest wave may arrive an hour later or 2 hours later. reason why they tip to monitor the sea level and continue to go track the estimated time of arrival. they have given estima
exported to taiwan and now has been detected in the drinking water of tokyo. the government insists the levels are too low to harm human life. still, hundreds of people took to the streets of tokyo on sunday to protest the country's rely ans on nuclear power. >> the government has no intention of stopping the nuclear operation, saying this will never happen again. i want to appeal to the world that this is very dangerous. the agent fukushima reactor number one was due to be retired later this month. now the prime minister's office says, once stabilized, the entire plant will be shut down permanently. >>> now being discussed, a chernobyl-like solution once this immediate crises is over to encase the entire plant in sand and concrete. russ? >> bill whitaker in tokyo, thank you. >>> just ahead on the cbs evening news, what would a libya without qaddafi looks like? >> the violence in the middle east is spreading to syria, where demonstrators demanding reforms set fire today to a courthouse and offices of the ruling party. they were protesting friday's kill of of five activists by securi
of japan -- could potentially hit parts of japan and russia, even as far away as guam and taiwan, could hit okinawa within the next three hours. this is 1:00 hour time and also in russia could make it there about the same time, the next two to three hours. guam was in the next three hours and again we're talking about hawaii, too, something a bit closer to us. these tsunamis can be fairly devastating especially with a quake of this magnitude and that dent, 15.2 miles. that's a moderately deep quake and these can reach far away coastlines. right now the usgs has not mentioned any watches or alerts for the u.s. coastline, but hawaii is under a watch right now for 3:00 in the morning is when that would be expected to roll in if it does make it to hawaii. >> at 2:46 japanese time there have been a series of aftershocks, large aftershocks, hitting japan. we are going to continue to follow this story and bring you updates throughout the newscast but again, a major, a massive earthquake has hit japan, 8.9 according to the usgs and there is damage including tsunami warnings which have been triggere
. mennand women from germany, switzerland, hugary and taiwan brought tons of high-tech equupment with &pthem. they also brought rescue dogs to help in the search for survivors. the u-s &pmiliiary is sending helicopters to the devastated area with food, water and &pmedical supplies. as of today...more than 14--undred people were killed by the quake and resulting are still missing. and as martin savidge shows us...survivors aae returning to the devastated areas hoping to find loved ones aliie. alive. p3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 how do you begin to search what looks like the end of the world?innthe seaside city of sendai, emergency teams carefully pick their way through the devastation, tsunami's impact. often the teams are trailed by anxious civilians, looking for any signs of missing loved ones. i wanted to ask this man who he wws looking for, but i nevvr got the chance (standup)so we were starting to ollow along what appears to be a search crew but now the proolem is there has been another tsunami warninn. so the crew and everyone else has been told to get away. whichhis what we are doi
a number of nations including the u.k. and the u.s.a., japan, taiwan, korea, china, australia, and from across new zealand, they work in their national units and we have tried to put teams in areas where they can focus on places where we know some of the countrymen are liable to be located. the work on -- the work on a roster and they do 30 minutes on and off. the most amazing dedicated people. they reduce risk to a minimum that that would be risk that would be beyond anything we would normally except out -- in our lives and focused on one thing with great optimism and professionalism and a degree of hope. from the beginning and they still have that now. they still think like i still think maybe somewhere. that is the way they work. on thes update you latest headlines. more attacks by libyan air force planes on areas of the east of the country controlled by anti- gaddafi forces. president obama out authorize military aircraft to move refugees. the international criminal court in the hague has announced an investigation into crumbs against humanity by colonel gaddafi and his associates.
by treaty we've greed to protect taiwan from invasion by the chinese, but we have to borrow the money from the chinese to be able to protect taiwan. go figure, right? >> we've -- we run out of money march 18th, so what can we do? congressman ryan joins us. republicans want to cut the budget in year by 61 billion dollars a lot of money. >> out of a -- [ unintelligible ] >> what we are trying to do is prevent the huge spending gains that were gotten over the last two years from going forward. the president increased government agency budgets by 24% domestic over the last two years. with the stimulus about 84%. he's trying to lock in spending increases going for . we don't want to do that we are trying to cut spending now to get them back to 2008 levels. >> greta: the 61 billion brings it back to 2008? i still don't get what it is going to do for us. >> going through the rest of this fiscal year we want a down payment on spending cuts going forward in october with more spending reforms and cuts. we don't want to accept the baseline of this massive spending increase. we want a down payment on
information coming to us out of the philippines? >> that's right. the philippines, guam, taiwan, indonesia and the u.s. state of hawaii are all in the path of this potential tsunami. joining us now on the telephone is mike cohen. he is a curran gist who is in manila, in the philippines. what is the situation there? >> right now, greg, what we are seeing is generally a situation of evacuation that supped way -- that is underway. an hour ago they gave the order to evacuate coastal and low-lying areas in the philippines. this is not one specific island. this is 19 provinces affecting about 20 mill people, greg. >> is it orderly? is it panicky? >> you have to admit there is panic. they are seeing the scenes on television the scenes from japan. but people are peaceful. the government gave early warning. they are well organized because we do have a lot of problems with typhoons here, and they have been able to get the warning out with enough time. the philippine president went on raid dwroa. -- on radio. they issued a specific instruction. they say to go two kill localers -- kilometers in land.
dai- ichi nuclear plant has been detected in food that has already been shipped out of japan. taiwan officials say they have found trace amounts of radiation in beans imported from japan. yesterday,a pan also announce -- japan also announced radiation had been detected in spinach and milk produced near the complex. they began spraying sea water around reactor number 3. but radioactive gas remains at a high level, and that could force plant officials to vent some of that gas in the atmosphere to help level off the pressure. however, officials announced just minutes ago, that two of the six reactors inside the complex are now under control. >>> governor brown has declared today a day of remembrance for victims in japan. acknowledging the special relationship between california and japan, and the courage of the japanese people. brown is also asking californians to keep the victims in our thoughts and prayers. >>> this morning, meeting in sacramento to wrap up their three day state convention. several events are on the agenda, including a prayer breakfast. last night, the party faithful
be by the amount of radiation they are seeing? we know milk has been tainted. spinach is tainted in taiwan they've had beans shipped from japan that have been tainted. how do you characterize this? >> particularly in the areas around the reactors, these are areas of biggest concern. food has been contaminated because there has been this significant release of radioactivity into the local environment. but as radioactivity spreads further and further out, those levels diminish dramatically. let me give you an example. in the plant itself, the measurement that we use are called millisieverts. as those levels and as those distances increased, those levels decreased as well. the problem is that the plant itself released two important rad radioicotopes that degrade at different time periods. eight to ten days for iodine. 30 years to 300 years or more. there are significant issues. as we heard before, we're not going to know the full extent of the damage until we see exactly how much of that core was melted and how much radiation has spread. >> richard, when we hear about taiwan getting some tainted p
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